Our Scientists & Facilities

leonMr Leon Spurrell
Certified Environmental Scientist

Leon is an environmental scientist whom have involved in research work for more than 40 years. Leon came into this line of work from interest and health interests and had spent years researching better health products as well as deficiencies from modern life and traditional use of medicines.

natashaMs Natasha Maguire

Natasha sees that the need for a traceable, safe and reliable product is of high importance, and also the traceability back to the farm origins. People who buy a labelled product made in New Zealand expect the ingredients are of origin in New Zealand, not just manufactured there! Animals in New Zealand live in a natural environment and are well looked after. Each animal ingredient is safe as the animal health condition is inspected before any ingredient is used. Natasha’s passion work for research gives her great satisfaction to achieve useful and convenient products for consumers around the world.

facilityLocated in New Zealand, spanning of 3,800 square metre. Equipped with advanced technology and system, the facilities are geared towards the production of a high quality product that complies with the national health standards.