Company Management


Mr. Steve Chew
President of Asia Pacific

R3 LifeScience Int’l Pte Ltd

With more than 20 years of experience in the network marketing business since 1996. Mr Steve Chew is a representation of dedication, passion, and persistence who plays an integral role in the development of the company because of his vast experience in the field of network marketing. In the short span of just 4 months after Mr Steve joined R3 International in 2016, the company has successfully open up new markets across 7 countries while roping in more than 10,000 key network leaders across China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Bhutan, and Myanmar with Mr Steve Chew at the helm of this rapid growth.

Mr Steve Chew started out as an independent sales representative (ISR) whom at one point was heading a team of more than 50,000 active ISR in Singapore, many of whom earns over million dollars as annual income. He now holds the proud position of R3 Int’l Asia Pacific President. His story of success is a true testimony of how the network marketing business has changed his life for the better. Mr Steve’s energetic and passionate nature towards the business is highly contagious and his presence has groomed many competent leaders to support and grow R3’s international platform. Through his unwavering efforts and steadfast vision for the company, Mr Steve is setting R3 International on a path of epic growth in the present and future.


Mr. Michael Tan

Business Development Director

R3 LifeScience Int’l Pte Ltd

Graduated from the University of London and later on personally mentored and groomed by R3 International’s CEO Mr Ernie Chu, Mr Mike Tan is the Business Development Director of the company. Having worked in different continents in the past, Mr Michael Tan’s vast experience brings about a unique cultural perspective and outlook to R3 International’s business model. With experiences accumulated from working with major companies such as Dun & Bradstreet and Nakheel PJSC, Mr Michael is the company’s key strategist in expanding the company’s influence on the global market.

The term “Jack of all trades, master of none” does not apply to Mr Michael as he is extremely well versed in both the product and business aspect of network marketing thus he is dubbed as the master of all when it comes to network marketing. Mr Michael is also the man behind the company’s highly effective marketing tools which helps independent sales representatives propel their own business performance to the next level. A man of such skill set and talent is hard to come by which is why Mr. Michael is also the key person responsible for supporting the growth of foreign markets and bringing them to exceptional new heights.


Mr. Soetomo Jacob Lesman

President of Indonesia

R3 LifeScience Int’l Pte Ltd

Mr Soetomo is a man who is immensely well versed with the network marketing scene as he has been in this industry for more than 2 decades. Since 1992, Mr Soetomo has spent more than half his life learning about ins and outs of the network marketing industry and over the years has built himself a name and reputation with his outstanding track record in sales and team management. His influence has stretch all across the Indonesian island, from Sabang to Merauke. Through hard work and persistence, Mr Soetomo has advanced through the ranks, from an ordinary independent sales representative to the Indonesia President of R3 International. Along his journey to success, Mr Soetomo has also cultivated and groomed many top leaders across Indonesia.

As the President of Indonesia, Mr Soetomo oversees 2 offices in Jakarta and Surabaya and the entire Indonesian market of R3 International and has implemented innovative solutions to address a wide variety of management challenges. Mr Soetomo is committed to providing enthusiastic support to the market and distributors, and is looking forward to strategically growing the Indonesian market with a pace that has been never seen before.


Ms. May Chong
Vice President of Asia Pacific

R3 LifeScience Int’l Pte Ltd

Ms May joined R3 LifeScience Int’l Pte Ltd at a very tender age as the Operation Executive. Being a quick learner and capable of multi-…; or with a better analogy, million-tasking, she able to swiftly get hold to the operation of the company. Human resource, stock management, inventory, member system, logistics, delivery, maintenance: you name it, she knows it.

Ms May worked her way up and has now become one of the core person in the company. Her adaptability, hardworking and detail-oriented personality has won the trust of R3 International’s CEO Mr Ernie Chu. Today, she stands proud among the team as the R3 Int’l Asia Pacific Vice President. The CEO, Mr Ernie Chu, sets the goal and direction; the directors, Mr Steve Chew and Mr Mike Tan create the strategy and path towards the milestones; Ms May is the executor by overseeing the administrative, operation, coordination and logistic aspect of R3 LifeScience Int’l Pte Ltd for the Asia Pacific region. Having her in the operation feels like having a safety net underneath every step that is taken towards our goal.